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 is an Audio and Video distribution company that sells family friendly and informative DVDs, CDs and tapes.

The County Fair Antique Tractor Pull
If you love farm tractors as I do you'll love this DVD. Full of antique tractor Action, Facts and Fun! Filmed at an actual county fair, this just for fun competition will entertain for hours.

A New England Horse Show
Our Equine section features "A New England Horse Show", a video shot entirely at NY, MA and VT horse shows. This video takes a trip to the Tack Shop, Farrier, and Vet and to a hunter jumper horse show. Set at the fictitious "Patriot Hill Farm", this horse video will entertain your children with horses, facts and fun.

Flattop Flashback
Our Military section features "Flattop Flashback" a film shot on the U.S.S Shangri-La, CVA-38, on a 1960's "Med Cruise". See U.S. Navy Fleet operations such as re-fueling, air operations, ship to ship transfer at sea and more. Learn the rich history of this aircraft carrier with the most unusual warship name in U.S. Navy history. A must have for military film collectors.   USS Shangri La

House Fire - 20 Minutes to a Safer Home
Our Safety section features "House Fire - 20 Minutes to a Safer Home". This home fire safety training video is a must for every homeowner, renter and parent. Using a combination of on camera talent, real fire footage and animation, this video will show you how to identify potential causes of house fires, correct those problems and to plan ahead just in case. Fire departments all across the country have used this video for fire safety training their citizens.

The Berkshires - An After Dark Tour
Our Travel section features " The Berkshires - An After Dark Tour". This award winning video takes a look at America's premier cultural vacation destination, from a most unique point of view. Filmed over a three-year period, this film looks at lighted and unusual buildings in the area of western Massachusetts known as "The Berkshires". See video of Lenox, Stockbridge, Pittsfield, North Adams, Hancock, Williamstown and more.

Sid Margolis- How to Play Guitar
Our Music Department features the "Sid Margolis- How to Play Guitar" Book and CD. Originally released in the 1950's from Big Band guitarist Sid Margolis, this how to play guitar course was so easy and effective, we brought it back. One year of guitar instructions in 26 easy to learn lessons. With the text and CD method you will Look, Listen and Learn, Fast.

Ric Corin's Nashville Legend
Also featured is a country music CD from the late Ric Corin. "Ric Corin's Nashville Legend" is a CD packed with 12 really good country songs. All impeccably recorded by Richard Schmierer of the Jurassic Sound Studio, the legendary country music recording studio in Brooklyn, NY.

Eating America with Robert O'Keefe
Our Cooking Section features "Eating America" with Robert O'Keefe the famous chef, Grammy winning voice talent, opera singer and all around nice guy. Robert makes "fish stew", the hardy New England dish that's easy to make, but not easy to make right. This cooking video was Mr. O'Keefe's pilot for his TV cooking show, a real collector's item.

Yoga with Madeline Monaghan
Our Health section features "Yoga Basics" with Madeline Monaghan. For over 30 years, Ms. Monaghan has learned and taught yoga all over the world. And now for the first time makes a CD of her basic yoga course available to the public. Listen, learn and relax with this unique yoga instruction CD.

Cooking Jefferson
This half hour film was produced in the early summer of 1976 as a contribution to the USA's 200th birthday celebration. In the season of "the tall ships" this film was the long spoons.

Old friends and neighbors Craig Claiborne and Pierre Franey prepare an elegant and unusual dinner that could have been made for President Thomas Jefferson's guests at the White House in 1803. Jefferson was passionate about food and brought many new ideas about cooking onto the young American scene. It was a time of the introduction of the fork in polite society. Jefferson bought the first waffle iron and the first pasta machine; he was among the first to make spaghetti here, and helped promote capers, baking powder, vanilla bean, almonds, broccoli, and tomatoes (which were at first considered poisonous).

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