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  Flattop Flashback  

DVD Video     Item Number:1125340526
Flattop Flashback$14.95
Item Description 
Filmed aboard the U.S.S Shangri-La CVA-38 in 1968 on a "Med Cruise", or tour of duty in the Mediterranean, this film shows Naval operations such as re-fueling at sea, ship-to-ship personnel transfer, flight operations right from the flight deck, and ship and aircraft specs.

Learn how this ship got its most unusual name and the rich history of this now decommissioned Aircraft Carrier.

Ships included in this video are: The U.S.S Blandy, U.S.S. Independence, U.S.S. Daniels, U.S.S. Alstead, U.S.S. Nantahala, U.S.S. Hawkins, U.S.S. Waller, U.S.S. Lawrence, U.S.S. Waccamaw and others.  Aircraft included are the A4c Skyhawks and the F8 Crusaders.  

Watch as waves break over the flight deck of this mighty war ship, which is over 60 feet above water.  See deck drenching heavy sea operations from over 37 years ago. Included are new computer animation and a rousing music score featuring the closing credit’s song from Ric Corin, former U.S.S Shangri-La Crew member.  

TRT: 23:00  

Price: $14.95
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