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  House Fire - 20 Minutes to a Safer Home  

DVD Video     Item Number:1125340676
House Fire - 20 Minutes to a Safer Home$9.95
Item Description 
A fire safety training video that's easy to watch for children as well as adults. Using a combination of on camera talent, actual fire footage and animation, this video takes you through the steps of home fire safety.  

Every year over 25,000 people are killed or injured as result of fires in the home.  Fires that could have been prevented.  

Learn the 3 easy steps to help prevent fires in your home.  

1. Identify the hazards. From your house, garage, as well as your car, learn what to look for.  

2. Correct the problems. From basement to attic, learn how to make them all safer from accidental fire. Learn easy to implement steps to protect your home and family.  

3. Plan ahead just in case. How to plan and implement an escape plan.  What you'll need. Where to meet. Also included is smoke detector use and maintenance.  

House fires don't just happen to other people. This video has been used by fire departments all across the country to inform and train.    

TRT: 20:00  

Price: $9.95
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