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  Eating America With Robert O'Keefe  

DVD Video     Item Number:1125340999
Eating America With Robert O'Keefe$9.95
Item Description 
Originally made as a pilot for a cooking show, Mr. O'Keefe makes fish stew, the hearty New England favorite that some say is easy to make. But as Robert says " not easy to make right".  

From selecting your fish and fresh ingredients, to the proper sequence of cooking, Robert makes it easy to succeed in preparing and serving this satisfying dish, a personal favorite of Mr. O'Keefe's.  

The late Mr. O'Keefe was a renowned chef in many restaurants in the New England area. He also had huge success as a television and radio talent, opera singer and won a Grammy for his work with Magic Johnson for a book on tape.

Here is a delightfully entertaining video that results in a great meal.  

TRT: 30:00  

Price: $9.95
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