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  Jefferson Cooking  

DVD Video     Item Number:1126548790
Jefferson Cooking$9.95
Item Description 
This half hour film was produced in the early summer of 1976 as a contribution to the USA's 200th birthday celebration. In the season of "the tall ships" this film was the long spoons.

Old friends and neighbors Craig Claiborne and Pierre Franey prepare an elegant and unusual dinner that could have been made for President Thomas Jefferson's guests at the White House in 1803. Jefferson was passionate about food and brought many new ideas about cooking onto the young American scene. It was a time of the introduction of the fork in polite society. Jefferson bought the first waffle iron and the first pasta machine; he was among the first to make spaghetti here, and helped promote capers, baking powder, vanilla bean, almonds, broccoli, and tomatoes (which were at first considered poisonous).

The film was shot at Craig Claiborne's beach front home in East Hampton, NY. in one of the best equipped private kitchens in America.

Craig Claiborne (1920 - 2000) Originally a poor boy from a small town in Mississippi. As author of many cookbooks, a regular "60 Minute Gourmet" column, and Food Editor of The New York Times he was for half a century America's most influential food writer.

Pierre Franey (1921 - 1996) One of the world's great chefs, for many years chef at New York City's eminent Le Pavillon. Born in Burgundy, at age six he was already called "Pierre le Gourmand." Toward the end of his life he served as food director for the Howard Johnson's chain of restaurants.

The menu: duck, venison, rabbit stew, deviled squabs (prepared to look like frogs), and galantine of turkey; but none of these prepared just as we would today! (Yet one can follow Pierre's instructions and make any of them.) Plus ice cream (Jefferson used heavy cream instead of milk), meringue, profiterole and hot fudge (our third president was way ahead of his time in using cacao and chocolate.)

Before Jefferson American cooking was "plain". The Puritans had grumped that "God sent meat; the Devil sent cooks." Jefferson championed "fine food" in America and wrote on food and recipes. He was an epicure. He wrote, "good wine is one of the reasons for life to me." Claiborne shows Jefferson's favorite wines, and explains each.

Price: $9.95
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